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Cart Batteries Now

Not all 8 volt golf cart batteries have the same pulling power. Even when they have the same voltage different brands of batteries are designed to accomplish different things. Choosing the right golf cart battery will give you much more enjoyment in the long run.

Let's look at an example of how different batteries are. The battery in your car is designed to give of lots of amps for a short stint and then to be recharged by the alternator. On the other hand the battery in an RV is designed for a deep discharge that slowly and steadily draws the amps down. The battery in your golf cart is supposed to have the batteries charged and then discharged.

8 volt golf cart batteries are normally configured in a series of cells. Balance is very important, this will ensure you don't damage your batteries. Listed below are a few highly recommended golf cart batteries:

1. The 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries, Exide Golf Cart Battery, 8 volt cart battery
This battery has thick lead antimony grids and high density oxide which will increase the cycling capability. It also helps resist vibration and overcharging. The meaty polypropylene container and heavy rubber separator will allow this battery to resist damage. With a varied terminal configuration it's super easy to hook in sequence and also offers a quick release 3 gang vent enabling you to check all three cells at once.

2. Exide Golf Car and Floor Scrubber

This product will deliver tremendously deep cycle power so it's the obvious choice for scooters, golf carts, wheelchairs, and industrial equipment. It is primarily designed for vibration resistance and longevity. It also comes with a 12 month piece of mind warranty.

3. Trojan 8V

Believe it or not but over 95% of all golf courses use Trojan batteries in their fleets. They really are the pioneer in the industry having opened their doors for business in 1952. These deep cycle batteries offer superior performance, durability and most of all reliability.

Make sure to have a professional install your batteries correctly. These guys know how to do the job properly and won't fry one of your new high end batteries.

Follow these guidelines when choosing your batteries:

1. Check the manual and find out exactly what the manufacturer recommends for CCA and reserve capacity.
2. Watch for companies that only give you the HCA or hot cranking amps. This means it has been tested at high temperatures making the number appear higher than it otherwise might.
3. Is your new battery fresh? Check the date code to make sure the battery hasn't been sitting on the shelf for more than a couple of months.
4. Only buy a battery with a warranty. Do they offer free replacement? Is it prorated? What period of time does the warranty cover?
5. And last but certainly not least make sure you get good value for your buck. When it comes to 8 volt golf cart batteries you definitely get what you pay for.

That will get you started. Now you can check out all golf cart batteries available in the marketplace.

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