Unique Golf Gifts Can
Save Your Butt

Unique golf gifts will make you the hit of the party. Whether you are buying something for a spouse, friend, or boss there are a mountain of possibilities and serious cop outs.

Yes, every golfer no matter what their age or skill can always use a dozen new golf balls....but the fact of the matter is, balls are just...well...kind of boring...if not thoughtless!

Unless you are not trying to make a good impression, don't go with the obvious.

Every golf tournament in the world gives out a sleeve of balls before the tournament even starts. Big deal!

So, I have put together what I think are the most unique golf gifts in a few different price ranges.

At the low end of the price scale there are literally dozens if not more choices when looking in this range. Typically what you come up against is a whole lot of junk that is either re-gifted, tossed in the bin or worse stuck in a dark corner of the basement or garage until the end of time.


If the person you are buying for has a passion for a college football or professional baseball team you could pick up a logo team gift set which comes complete with a golf towel, some tees, a couple of ball markers, a quality ball mark repair tool and a couple of balls. All of the items have the teams logo stamped somewhere on the accessory. Although this gift does include balls it required a little more thought because of the team set that you searched for specifically.

A cool Mascot headcover for the new driver that they just bought will surely bring a smile.

How about a mug with their swinging the club or a joke blazoned on the side.

One of my most favorite gifts that I received a few years ago for under $30 was a pair of cold weather cart mitts. Let me tell you if that special golfer on your list likes to play in the off season these mitts rock! They are super warm, keep your hands dry no matter the conditions and come on and off without a struggle.

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