The Best Wedges Are
Critical To Lower Scores

Leave Those Gimicky
Infomercial Wedges Behind

The best wedges in golf are simply ones that are properly fitted for your game and ability. I have been playing the game for over thirty years and continue to marvel at the changes that are made in the world of wedges.

Let's have a look at what the different wegdes are and what they are designed to do.

Firstly, the pitching wedge came about and was apart of a regular set of irons. The loft ranges between 46 and 50 degrees and has the longest shaft of any wedge. Typically it is used for shots between 100 and 135 yards. The sole of the club looks similar to any other iron and has virtually no bounce.

The next wedge is referred to as a gap wedge. It is aptly named as it is designed to fill the distance gap between the pw (pitching wedge) and the sand wedge. These wedges have lofts between 50 and 54 degrees. Most players will use this club for distances between 75 and 115 yards.

The third wedge is the standard sand wedge. It is designed with a wide flange known as bounce, which allows the player to slide the leading edge of the iron through the sand with very little effort. The loft will fall between 55 and 59 degrees and can also be hit from the fairway or rough as well as greenside bunkers. Most players can hit this club between 60 and 105 yards. Although hitting a sand wedge from the fairway can be very enticing it also requires a tremendous degree of skill and timing. Because the sw has a lot of bounce it is very easy to hit a full shot from a tight lie either thin or fat. Make sure you have lots of confidence in this shot before taking it to the course.

The final wedge in the arsenal is called the lob wedge. If you ever have wondered how players like Phil Mickelson and Tiger can take a full swing from only a few yards out and hit a shot straight up in the air now you know. They are using a lob wedge with as much as 64 degrees of loft. Although this is a highly specialized club it definitely has a place in many golfers bags.Have a look at this incredible video of Phil Mickelson demonstrating what can be done with a club with loads of loft!

The best wedges are the ones that allow you to score your best. It is often said that it's not how, but how many. By taking a long iron out of your bag and replacing it with a wedge you will get the ball closer to the hole, lower your scores, and ultimately have more fun. Remember the best golf wedge is the one that creates the highest probability of getting up and down from inside the 100 yard marker. Did you know that over 70% of the average golfer's shot are taken from inside this distance? The fewer shots you take from this distance the lower your scores will be.

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