You Will Enjoy Your Game More With The Right Golf Ball

The golf ball has gone through quite a metamorphosis over the past few years. It was not long ago when there were primarily two different types of balls on the market and the used ball market was in its infancy. Generally it was also relatively affordable for the weekend warrior.

Commonly, the more experienced player reached for a wound ball with a balata cover and the beginner or higher handicapper choose a solid core ball with a surlyn cover. The wound style offering more feel and spin came with a higher price point than its counterpart. The solid ball came with more distance, less control and more moderate pricing. Between Titleist and Spalding with the Top-Flite brand few other competitors could get much of a foothold in the immense ball industry.

Along came the 90’s and with it technology turned the entire market on its ear. Today there are primarily three major types of balls available. The most affordable and longest still being a distance ball, mid-range is what has been termed a control ball, and the highest quality is called a spin ball.

With the onslaught of new people playing the game, Titleist and Top-Flite don’t have the industry sewn up quite like they have in the past. Big names like Callaway, Nike, Precept and Maxfli are all trying to find their way in this ultra competitive market. With the internet and higher pro shop pricing accompanying today’s ball, the savvy consumer is making the move to used and discount markets.

The Titleist Pro V1 -There are more players on tour with this ball in play than any other. The Pro V1 offers a level of feel and control unmatched by any other ball.

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