Titleist Pro V1 Is
Simply Awesome

Acushnet has set the bar extremely high with a top line golf ball named the Titleist Pro V1. There are more balls on the market today than ever before. Many companies have tried to cut into the huge market share that Tileist has held over many years. Wtih the release of the Pro V1 a couple of years ago the leader in the golf ball industry is again standing on the top of the mountain looking down at it's competition.

Most of the tour players that switched to the Pro V1 noticed an increase of anywhere from 15-20 yards in distance off the tee with the big stick. This golf ball also is much better at keeping it's shape than the previous top line balata balls were. Of course for a tour pro this could add up to fewer shots on the course and more money in the bank. For the amateur that has to buy his own balls the better the ball stands up to abuse the easier it is to spend the top dollar. This golf ball is definitely not a ball for the mid to high handicapper. It was developed primarily to showcase at the professional ranks. If a player isn't achieving a swing speed of 110mph or higher with the driver then the Pro V1 is better left on the shelf.

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