A Bagboy Golf Cart
Will Last Forever

I bought my first Bagboy golf cart as a young teenager in Seattle, Washington at a huge sports store called Kaplan's.

My Dad and I used to make the trip from Vancouver, BC every spring to check out all of the new equipment that jammed their shelves.

I was probably 13 at the time that I bought my first cart and it had to be a Bagboy. I can remember saving for it for a very long time and I was trilled when I finally the had money saved....

That old cart lasted for many many years until I finally gave it away to another young kid who was just learning the game.

Today they are still one of the most respected names in the golf cart business with models like the Bagboy Navigator , the Bagboy Lt 440 pull cart and the Bagboy Express Gt.

Bagboy Express Gt, Bagboy golf cart The Express Gt is one of the most well reviewed of their line-up.....owners love the fact that the third wheel snaps on and off for easy storage, the cart is well balanced and the handle is adjustable depending on each individual's height.

The also come in a bunch of colors like red, navy, black and silver.....

oh and your shoulders will thank you for the ergonomic handle ; )

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