My Family Golf Vacations
Were Always Memorable

As a kid growing up my parents loved to take golf vacations. We explored dozens of resorts and public golf courses in the US and Canada.

My Dad taught me how to play the game at the ripe age of 5 and I took to it like a duck too water.

Dad was a real perfectionist when it came to the finer points of etiquette and basic fundamentals. I thought it was a pain in the butt as I just wanted to beat that little white ball out of sight.

But Dad was unrelenting. He continued to drum into my head that I wouldn't be able to play on the big courses with adults unless I knew the rules.

I guess I was progressing fairly quickly because before long my folks were taking me with them down the Pacific Coast. Vancouver, BC, , where we lived was not the best for golf in the winter so my parents liked to hit the road for some sun.

Once we hit the road my Dad had a one track mind. The sooner we could get south the sooner we could be finding the newest hidden golf gem. Needless to say the pit stops were well coordinated with food, bathroom breaks and gas fill-ups.

Over the years we played at so many different courses that I am going to have to go back into my Dad's card collection to jog my memory over some of the more obscure courses.

We played mostly courses down the Pacific Coast and the Western Provinces but there were the occasional trips to Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Hawaii, and Ontario, Canada.

We also have played a few times overseas in Europe,Malaysia and Thailand.

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