Golf Insurance Could be Worth
its Weight in Gold

Unfortunately there are very few people that have ever considered the possible need for golf insurance.

Players around the world find themselves totally exposed if they injure or worse, kill someone while they are enjoying a day on the course.

Knowing that literally thousands of golfers are injured every year while playing golf it’s no wonder that more people are exploring the need for insurance for golf.

More and more cases are going to court and the judicial system is finding the player whose erratic play at fault more often than not.

The fact that the golfer called fore seems to have little bearing on the outcome. For the most part specific insurance will cover you if you damage property or seriously injure someone.

When looking into the options there are many important points to cover off before making the decision as to what company is worthy of your business.

Are your clubs covered if they are stowed in the trunk of your car? Did you know that the majority of stolen equipment disappears from the parking lot or outside the clubhouse?

Will your set be covered if they are standing on the rack outside of the clubhouse while you make a quick trip to the washroom between 9’s?

Most insurance policies will not cover loss or damage to your equipment.

It is also worthwhile finding out if your house insurance will cover your clubs if they are stolen from your garage or storage room over the winter months.

With the escalating number of claims being made in the sports arena for damage or injury each and every year, finding the best golf insurance policy for your needs before an unfortunate incident occurs would be prudent. Have a look at the different insurers online to find exactly what you are looking for.

Hole In One Insurance
Will ensure the annual company golf tournament runs without a hitch.

Golf Cart Insurance
Is a must if you don't like unexpected surprises. The minimal costs far outweigh the potential risks.

Golf Club Insurance
If you just bought a new set of clubs or have been ripped off will getting some coverage really help?

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