Golf Cart Insurance
Comes In Many Forms

"Do I need golf cart insurance for this thing?".... is one of the first questions most people ask after having bought that new

EZ-Go or Club Car cart.

Well the answer isn't quite as simple as a yes or no. In pretty well all cases you will want to carry some coverage.....

Just how much is another.....

There are a few more questions that you will want to consider before deciding whether you will need any additional riders or not.

Let's have a quick look at what the top 6 questions are:

1) Where do you want to be able to drive your cart?

In most cases people want to be able to drive them within the walls of their gated community, on their golf course and around the grounds of the club that they belong to. In most cases this can be accomplished by carrying basic golf cart insurance. This will protect you against fire and theft, adverse weather and accidental damage from a collision. Make sure that the policy will also cover medical or legal costs potentially incurred from a third party claim.

2) What is going to the primary use for your cart?

If you plan to use the cart primarily on the course and within the confines of the gated community basic coverage should do the trick. If you want to operate your cart on the public streets it will have to have the following equipment: a) headlamps b) tail lamps, reflectors, stop lamps and an emblem or placard for slow moving vehicles c) a mirror and d) brakes. In most jurisdictions a permit will also be required.

3) Does your auto insurer allow you to combine your

golf cart insurance policy with your auto coverage?

In most cases you will find that you can combine the two onto one policy and receive additional premium discounts.

4) Is your cart equipped with custom parts and accessories that could be stolen or vandalized?

Customization can be both fun and expensive. If you have spent big bucks upgrading your cart make sure that your insurer knows. The last thing you want to do is get into a lot of debate about what you put into your little pride and joy after it has been stolen. Take lots of detailed pictures and keep all of the receipts from any custom work that has been'll be glad you did!!!

5) Will your homeowners policy cover your cart if you leave your own property?

The short answer is no! If you assume that you are covered check it out before you need it. In most cases if you add golf cart coverage to your homeowners policy it will only cover the owner on his/her property....not on roadways or common areas. Don't assume because your neighbor takes his cart down to the pool or the fitness center that you can too. If you get into an accident or injure someone there could be an unpleasant surprise. It can be a significant liability to cart owners if they are involved in an accident and they don't have any additional coverage.

6) Will my golf equipment be covered if it is stolen or damaged while in the cart?

Unfortunately in most cases no. But you could choose to purchase more comprehensive coverage known as golf insurance which is much more far reaching. Everything from injury caused by a golf ball , golf club, cart or golf swing is covered by the liability rider. It will even look after a round of drinks at the bar if you make a hole in one! Even your equipment is safely covered from theft, fire, loss or damage.

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