Is Golf Club Insurance Really
Going to Help?

Unfortunately golf club insurance is something that many people need and very few carry.

Have you ever had a set of clubs stolen?....I have


The first time they were in the back of my Honda Odyessey minivan.

The vehicle was parked in broad daylight in the lane behind my business on a Sunday afternoon.

I went into the building for less than FIVE minutes and when I returned one of the windows had been smashed and my sticks were long gone.

Of course I knew better.... but took the chance knowing that I was only going to be a couple of minutes.

I was taught by my father a quarter of a century earlier to never leave my bag unattended or visible in a car...I felt like such a shmuck!!!!

Not only where my clubs high end but they had been customized very specifically to my personal preferences.

I felt sick to my stomach thinking about how long and painful a process it was going to be in order to get another set just right.....

grips built up in the right places...

swingweights adjusted properly....

and lies and lofts just the way they had been before.

So....what did I do first?

Well I spent a ton of time not only searching the classifieds but I went to every pawn shop within a 30 mile luck.

After all of that wasted time and energy I called my home insurance agent to see what he could do for me.

Since the replacement value of my loss was valued at about $3,000 and my deductible was $1,000 I decided to just bite the bullet and buy a new set.

What was my reasoning....well my agent, who sold me my golf club insurance told me that my premiums would increase over the next few years enough that I wouldn't actually be any further ahead!!!

Are you kidding me?

Apparently not.

So instead I thought I would lay out a few very simple.....yet potentially club saving steps to keep your bag of clubs on your back and not someone else's.

****Never leave your clubs unattended or out of sight for even 30 seconds....because that's all it takes for a pro to walk off with them!

****Do not advertise what woods and putter you just dropped $1,500+ by keeping the manufacturers fancy headcovers.....just get some generic headcovers that don't scream STEAL ME NOW!! a would be thief.

****When you have finished your round take your clubs and put them directly into the trunk before you go into the clubhouse for a drink.(if you own an SUV or a minivan that leaves them visible to prying eyes put them in your friend's trunk until you are heading home)
****And last but not least----if you don't do anything else, never, ever leave your wallet, keys, cash or jewelry in your bag. This could cause you more grief than you could ever imagine if your clubs are stolen.

If these common sense ideas are just to much hassle, then I would recommend finding some golf club insurance that covers everything from theft, travel loss and damage....

statistics say you'll need it.

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