A DIY Putting Green Is
As Easy As Can Be!

So you have been thinking about a diy putting green for a while and now you have decided to at least do a little research.

Follow along as we help you figure out what the keys are to building your successful personal putting green.

Not too long ago building a putting green at home was not only very uncommon but extremely time intensive, expensive and a constant maintenance headache.

Thank goodness today's the world of artificial greens has changed all of that.

It is now the exception to the rule when you see a green in someone's backyard built with real turf.

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a green that has all of the properties of a real turf green without all of the hassles?

Artificial greens have improved to point now where they are not only endorsed by big tour players but also chosen over real turf greens for their personal use.

So with that, let's focus on the steps of your diy putting green on an artificial surface.

The very first step is to determine what you are going to use as a base. There are a few choices with concrete being the most costly and crushed limestone being the best value.

It is highly recommended that if you decide concrete is the way to go for your situation that you have it professionally poured. The reason being...well let's put it this way--if the contour isn't just right and it hardens...not fun!

The next best choice for the sub-base is a combination of 4" of crushed rock followed by another 4" of crushed limestone. If the cash is really a big issue you can use just the limestone.

Most people can install an average sized green in a couple of days with relatively few basic tools.

Come along as we dive into some of the finer details.

1) Where are you going to put your green?
2) Taking out the existing material to make room for the sub-base
3) Let's get the sub-base down
4) Time to getta compactin'
5) Wouldn't be much of a green without a few cups...would it?
6) Now you need to dress up the sub-base
7) If you need to seam here's now (if necessary)
8) Let's shape and secure this sucker
9) Does your green require back filling with sand?
10) Just about there....let's cut the turf for the cups
11) The final landscaping touches

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