You Will Be Hard Pressed to Beat a Florida Golf School

Finding a Florida golf school may not be a simple task. There are literally dozens to choose from when you start to explore the options available. When starting your hunt for the right school here are a few things to consider. Firstly, how long do you want to be in an instruction environment? Secondly, do you want to go to a specific school or is it more important to find one that is close to where you plan to be staying? And the third major thing to consider is now much money would you like to spend?

For some people one or two of these questions are not negotiable, for others all options are open to suggestion. If you don't play golf regularly and have never been to an instruction school, a three day junket may be sufficient to give you a taste of what it is all about. On the other hand, if you play regularly and have experienced one of the options before you may want a week of total immersion. If your budget is limited have a look at some of the lesser known instruction facilities. Your game will show a marked improvement just by getting hands on professional attention for a few days.

Some of the major Florida golf school facilities are known around the world. The most recognized teachers all have their own schools including Jim McLean, David Leadbetter, Phil Ritson and the short game guru Dave Pelz. All of these schools offer different packages to suit your needs. Although if you are expecting to get formal instruction or even see these top teachers make sure you confirm this before making your reservation. It is rare to see top teachers on the practice tee unless you have specifically booked a lesson with them. Plan to improve your game this year once and for all, surely you are deserving of it.

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