Getting Ready to Buy Golf Equipment

by Bruce
(Dallas Texas)

I have never golfed in my entire life but I always liked it. It's a great spectator sport. I always wanted to learn but never stepped forward to make it happen. Golf is an expensive game to play (or at least that's what I thought until I read your site).

I am finally ready to take the plunge. I signed up for lessons, which will start next week. Now I'm eager to learn, feeling both excited and a bit tense. I know that it will be a wonderful experience for me, but I can't help feeling a bit nervous as a novice.

I like golf because it's an active game that makes you think. I also like the fact that it involves patience, discipline, pride, tolerance, and persistence. Playing golf should help my focus too. When I add up everything that I will gain, I think the cost will be worth it. Isn't it funny how we rationalize our purchases or activities?

I have to be honest about the cost though. It was something that worried me. Your site makes me feel better. You have given me good information about golf equipment. I'll take your advice when I'm out shopping. I can start with affordable stuff and as I get better, I can buy better quality clubs, one by one.

Who knows, I might end up as a spectator if I can't get the right swing. Thanks for your help and wish me good luck.

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