The Right Hunting Golf Cart
Won't Leave You Stranded

Are you wondering if a hunting golf cart is really the way to go?

We are going to run through the advantages and reasons that we believe having a golf cart for hunting is without a doubt the best option.

Firstly, it needs to be suggested that taking a regular golf cart out into the wild is not recommended. Quite frankly it is just to easy to get hung up, stranded, or worse, seriously injured.

hunting golf cart, camouflage golf cart A hunting golf cart has many conversions allowing it to perform very well in a rugged environment.

The most vital and obvious addition made for hunting is the installation of a lift kit. The lift kit will allow the cart to easily roam over some fairly knarly terrain without damaging the undercarriage. It also allows it the ability to climb inclines as steep as 28% with a full load.

From there you will want to consider the option of adding a more powerful motor than the standard 5.5 horsepower version. There are a few available in the 7.5 hp category which will give most people the torque required to get to the most remote locations.

From there we go into things like camouflage paint jobs, seat covers, and cart enclosures. You can even get golf cart rims that are camouflaged. If you want to go unnoticed why would you go hunting in a white or red body golf cart? Do it right and get the accessories from the start.

Special tires depending on the terrain that you are designing your cart for will prevent down time when you are out on the hunt. You can order a multitude of tire sizes and dimensions that range from an 8" up to 18". The main choices when it comes to tread configurations are knobby, desert, workhorse or mudbuster.

It is common to see these hunting carts altered to accommodate 4 passengers instead of the customary two. Makes sense don't you think?

You can roam up to about 50 miles (80km) on a single charge at a maximum speed of about 25 mph.

That covers the most common conversions made for a hunting golf cart but just like your run of the mill cart there a whack of additional accessories are available including:

5)seat kits
6)steering wheels
8)utility boxes
9)cart enclosures
10)gun racks

If hunting is your passion and you have wanted to cover some larger areas in a day this just might fill your needs.

Check out this fully decked out cart from Bluegrass Ruff & Tuff in the short video below.

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