The Oddesey Putter Rolls
True Every Time

Using an Oddesey putter has changed the way in which people look at which putter is the best on the market now.

When Oddesey first released the mallet style in 1991 all of the other putter manufacturers sat up and took notice.

At the time of it's release it was a very foreign style of putter. All of their models came with a lightweight and soft resilient elastomer called "Stronomic". Oddesey Putter, Odyssey white hot, Odyssey 2 ball

Their original putter quickly garnered tour player acceptance and by the spring of 1992 had their first win. By 1994 they unleashed the classically styled Dual force bronze putters which came with a black Stronomic insert.

In 1995, Oddesey claimed 26 wins and 300 top-10 finishes in PGA events. By 1997, they were clearly was the pacesetter and the top company producing putters in the world.
Oddesey Sabertooth White Hot, Odyssey Sabertooth

The next version to come down the pipe in 2000 was the White Hot line closely followed by the TriHot which had a tungsten weighting system to redistribute the face weight and reduce the skidding and bouncing.

In the fall of 2001 Oddesey's most impressive model to date was introduced in the 2-ball. It quickly became the number one putter in the world.

The latest model arrived in the spring of 2003 known as the DFX. The DFX has a slightly firmer feel than the White Hot with the same reliable accuracy players have come to expect from Oddesey.

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