Sky Caddie SG4 Will Astound
With its Features

Last month I was on vacation and had a chance to use the latest gps for golf called the Sky Caddie SG4. I had been currently using the previous model called the SG2 for about a year.

I was with my two children and wife at a spectacular resort in North Carolina called the Kiawah Resort . It was a long overdue retreat from the cold winter in Canada and I was very eager to get out on their courses.

On the second day at the resort I had the chance to play with one of the young pros from the pro shop. Jim was an aspiring playing pro with loads of talent.

After the usual niceties on the first tee we hit our shots on the 447 yard opening hole. Jim missed about a twelve foot birdie putt and tapped in for his par. I was rather pleased to make a bogey after about a 180yard tee shot that found the rough. Sky Caddie, SG4 Sky Caddie, Sky caddy

On the second tee Jim pulled the Sky Caddie SG4 out of his ball pocket. I had heard that there was a new model available but this was the first time I had actually seen it.

Before long Jim was showing me the different features that the new model offered. What I was most impressed by was the fact that it was water resistant and had a larger display for viewing the green.

The biggest difference between the SG4 and the SG3 is that the SG3 is designed for players who travel a lot. The SG4 is rechargeable so it isn't as convenient if you are always taking a charger with you.

After having a great day with Jim (who by the way shot a cool 68 that afternoon) it wasn't long before I picked up a SG4 for myself.

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