The Speed Stik Will Have You
Bombing The Ball In No Time

The Speed Stik is truly one of the most innovative and simple training aids on the market today. It is very rare to find a product that is being endorsed by a player of Vijay Singh’s caliber without it having loads of merit. The trainer comes in two models. The red one is for the stronger player who is also over 175 pounds and the blue model for individuals less than 175 pounds. The red model weighs in at 25oz and the blue one is only 20oz.

Speed Stik, Vijay speed stik It is made from heavy gauge aluminum, measures 48 inches in length and has an accurate speed measurement device to track your progress. It comes with a variety of different recommended drills to assist in strengthening the vital muscles of the golf swing.

The technology and seven years of research really allows the golfer to really feel the delayed hit. The balance, length and weight are what make this feeling possible for even the highest handicapper.

Vijay said, that since he started swinging it his swing speed has increased by 10 miles per hour. "I am hitting the ball farther and straighter, and because of this my scoring average has improved on the tour. I know that it will do the same for your game as well.You are going to love it!! Good Luck."

If you are looking for more clubhead speed, flexibility, power, distance and a superior level of balance this year have a close look at this simple yet effective device - your game will thank you.

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